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We are inviting you to our horse riding tour to Pankisi valley.

Pankisi Valley is a small community of a few thousand people in Kakheti region, The majority of families are Kists, the descendants of Chechen settlers who migrated to Georgia between 1830 and 1870, the Kists have their own language, cuisine and cultural customs, and follow Sunni Muslim traditions.

Tour starts in Tbilisi, you will be picked up by car at your address. On the way to Pankisi, you will stop at:

  • Gombori path, which  is well known for its picturesque landscape.
  • The Academy of Ikalto, which was an ecclesiastical academy established between the 11th-13th centuries in Kingdom of Georgia.

Horse riding tour starts from village Jokolo, during the ride you will see: 

  • Amazing, mountainous nature!
  • 17th century watchtower in the hill, which was used to signal the threat of invasion by sending white and black smoke signals. From the base of the tower, visitors get sweeping views of the fields and villages.
  • Amphitheatre and WWII Memorial. The Amphitheatre is the centre of community life and is used for all kinds of events. Panoramic views of the entire valley can be found from the top, making it a must-visit.

Time on horse 3-4 hours. 

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Horse riding tour in Pankisi

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