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You can choose between options: 2, 3, 4 or 5-day tour in booking section.

Vashlovani National Park is distinguished from Georgia's other protected areas by its semi-desert ecosystem, it's a great place that can't be compared to anywhere else in Georgia. While visiting Vashlovani, you will feel that you are in another world! 

Vashlovani is a real paradise and the reason you should travel in  this magical place to experience a memorable adventure.

You will explore Eagle gorge, the habitat of Griffons, Vultures, Egyptian Vultures and more than 75 species of rare birds; the rural area and local life style. - Discover the prehistoric world and a canyon turned into limestone rocks from coral reefs millions of years ago.

This is an adventurous ride from  stable through grain fields and along beautiful green hillsides. You will be able to explore different rock formations whilst experiencing the unique gait of the Tushetian horses. This tour is ideal for beginners as well as for more experienced riders. 

You can choose between options: Overnights in tents or overnights in guesthouse in booking section.
  • Stay in guesthouse: everyday we ride to different directions from guesthouse.
  • Stay in tents: we camp every night in new spot and continue way further next day. (you will need to bring sleeping bag)

Price covers the costs of  transportation, horse tours, meals and accommodation.

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Stable works every day, you should check if particular date is available through enquiry.

Tour starts at 08:00 o'clock.

Driver will pick you up at your address.

Yes, you will be able to gallop during this tour.

No. Horses and route are suitable also for beginners. (with instructor)